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Welcome to Ypsomed

The Ypsomed Group is a leading company for the development and manufacturing of delivery systems for self-medication and a key supplier with a broad product portfolio in the field of diabetes care.

For over 25 years, Ypsomed’s strategy has focused on “self-care solutions”, to allow patients to treat themselves, with a particular focus on products and services for people with diabetes.

Delivery systems

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Ypsomed injection system ServoPen

The delivery systems developed and manufactured by Ypsomed are sold around the world by leading pharma and biotech companies under their own brand names.

Under the Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS) brand Ypsomed provides a broad range of products and services for the administration of medicines.

Diabetes care

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Blood glucose meter mylife Pura

In terms of diabetes care, Ypsomed markets products and services directly to diabetes patients, doctors and specialist personnel or health insurance providers.

Under the global mylife Diabetescare brand, Ypsomed runs a business-to-consumer operation for diabetes care.