Career & continuing
professional development

Career and continuing professional development

The continuing professional development of our employees is a subject about which we feel strongly. It is a fundamental prerequisite for the personal and professional satisfaction of our staff. We are guided by the highest quality standards, the latest research results and new ways of thinking. These endeavours help to improve what we offer and therefore ultimately to enhance the quality of life of Ypsomed product users.

Knowledge and innovation also give us a competitive edge. At Ypsomed, we offer our employees the opportunity to link personal goals to our company's visions and implement them in a targeted manner.

Three career paths

At Ypsomed, an integral component of the company culture, the Human Resources department ensures that employees are equipped to meet future challenges.
We offer three career models: management, project leadership and subject specialisation.
Every year, around 5% of all of the employees change to a new position within the company and, in so doing, further themselves professionally.

Management levels

Managerial levels
The hierarchical line-management positions are shown at managerial levels FS1 to FS4.

Expert levels
Employees with distinct expertise in their specialist field, superior problem-solving capabilities, an above-average ability to implement ideas and the skills to contribute to the development of the company can achieve expert status and thus embark on a subject specialist/project-management career pathway.

Senior Management
The managerial and expert levels together make up Ypsomed's senior management.

Human resources development in practice

Once they have completed their training, Ypsomed apprentices are often given a permanent position. Many ex-employees also return to the company – e.g. after further training.

An apprenticeship at Ypsomed gets a career off to the best possible start and offers training that goes beyond the certificate of proficiency. This is because, at Ypsomed, we focus not just on the professional aspects but also on the person.