FixPen – the easy-to-use fixed dose pen

FixPen is an easy-to-use pen for all multidose therapies requiring the injection of a fixed dose. In addition to a simple pull-push handling principle to inject the drug, FixPen combines various features to simplify handling and maximize patient convenience.

YpsoMate – the 2-step autoinjector

The YpsoMate autoinjector is an automated disposable injection device for 1 ml long pre-filled syringes suitable for all patient groups. The device is triggered by push-on-skin activation which is convenient, ergonomic and preferred by patients.

Product customization

Each project at Ypsomed is individual. By working to a standardised development process we are able to focus on the real task in hand – the development of successful solutions for our customers.

Marketed products

Ypsomed is a recognised pioneer in self-care medication with over 30 years experience. During that time, Ypsomed has built up a broad international customer portfolio that relies on Ypsomed's proven development and manufacturing skills.