YpsoMate flexible automated manufacturing

Watch our production line video and learn all about Ypsomed’s fully automated manufacturing infrastructure to produce a range of customised versions of the YpsoMate autoinjector.

Fully customised options with YpsoMate Design

YpsoMate Design utilises an outer shell structure that allows freedom to generate a unique, pleasing and ergonomically optimised shape. In addition it is possible to use different surface materials or structures to improve the grip and to emphasise how to hold and use the device.

Product customization

Each project at Ypsomed is individual. By working to a standardised development process we are able to focus on the real task in hand – the development of successful solutions for our customers.

Marketed products

Ypsomed is a recognised pioneer in self-care medication with over 30 years experience. During that time, Ypsomed has built up a broad international customer portfolio that relies on Ypsomed's proven development and manufacturing skills.

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