Over 30 years of experience and
hundred thousands of patients
make us number 1 in the development
of solutions for self-medication.

30 years Disetronic / Ypsomed

Ypsomed was created in 2003 when the Burgdorf-based Disetronic Group was split up. Willy Michel, the co-founder and major shareholder, sold Disetronic Holding AG and its Infusion Systems Division to Roche Holding in 2003. He retained the Injection Systems Division, which has traded since then as an independent company under the name Ypsomed.

Ypsomed is a recognised pioneer in self-care medication with over 30 years experience. Ypsomed has been successful in identifying new needs early on, and in tapping into an emerging niche market.

In order to cope with the very fast pace of growth, extensive investment has to be made on an ongoing basis in production facilities in Switzerland, as well as in the technological advancement of Ypsomed's products. To secure long-term financing, the IPO on the SIX Swiss Exchange was planned for autumn 2004 and went ahead successfully.