For some time now, Europe has been experiencing a shortage of qualified and well-trained workers. Specialists are in particular demand for MINT occupational fields (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology). To prevent this problem, we are increasingly training our specialists ourselves. Every year, around 20 apprentices complete their vocational training at Ypsomed and help to make self-treatment a matter of course. In addition, we fulfil our social responsibility as a company by providing training and offering attractive jobs.

Simply train specialists yourself

Computer scientist systems engineering apprentice at work in Burgdorf.

As an internationally successful company in medical technology, we offer various apprenticeships in an exciting environment and continually demonstrate that we are a good training company. Apprentices can train in twelve apprenticeship professions at Ypsomed – and we regularly open up new professional fields. This means that we develop new training programmes for the areas in which we need new employees. By participating in vocational training events, we position ourselves and actively show our presence. This generates a lot of interest and our commitment is already paying off: our apprentices did very well at the Swiss Skills Swiss Vocational Championships.

We benefit from the know-how of the young talents while passing on our experience. In this way, the company retains quality and knowledge and the apprentices are rewarded for their commitment during their training.In addition to the opportunity of an exciting apprenticeship, this summer we gave four apprentices the chance to swap their place of work and thus gain international experience within the Ypsomed Group.

Finding and retaining specialists and high potentials

The new generation of workers increasingly values issues such as work-life balance, meaningfulness and sustainability. Our integrated sustainable strategy shows that our company makes a significant contribution to sustainable development across all four strategic pillars and that our ambitions are mutually supportive and enriching. With our products, we also contribute to more freedom, more autonomy and a better quality of life for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Ypsomed also strengthens the dual education system through training. In the future, we want to rely even more on young talent from the middle and university sectors – a very promising market for skilled workers. Currently, several of our employees are university graduates. Through direct measures such as offering university internships, we want to further increase this rate in the coming years.

Win a colleague – employees recruit in their own environment

Ypsomed also relies on its own employees in the search for new, suitable colleagues: through an employee referral programme, we find new colleagues who are professionally suited to Ypsomed through our own employees. Our employees know exactly what is required of our corporate culture and can therefore act as talent scouts themselves.

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