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Montréal, Canada - The Ministry of Health of the Canadian Ontario region has added the YpsoPump® insulin pump to its list of approved devices funded by the Assistive Device Program (ADP). As of 13 January 2020, the YpsoPump® is officially reimbursed in the Ontario region and can be prescribed by health care professionals to people with diabetes that qualify for insulin pump therapy under the ADP.

Ypsomed Canada receives reimbursement  for the YpsoPump® insulin pump in Ontario
The YpsoPump® received market approval from Health Canada in May 2019.

Of the approximately 2.6 million Canadians living with Diabetes, about 280,000 are type 1 and about 600,000 are type 2 on insulin therapy. The Province of Ontario accounts for approximately 39% of the Canadian population making it an extremely important region in Canada for insulin pump therapy. The YpsoPump® received market approval from Health Canada in May 2019.

YpsoPump® – the intuitive insulin pump
Thanks to its icon-based menu and touchscreen, the YpsoPump® is easy and intuitive to operate. Bluetooth® low energy integration enables wireless connection to the Ypsomed Software and the Ypsomed App. The app features a bolus calculator, logbook functionality with detailed reports and cloud connectivity. With the wireless linking of the insulin pump, blood glucose meter and therapy management solution, Ypsomed offers a basic connected diabetes management solution already today and plans to extend its interoperable system in the near future.

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General Manager Ypsomed Canada Inc.

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The Ypsomed Group is a leading developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist with over 30 years’ experience. As a leader in innovation and technology, Ypsomed is the preferred partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies for the supply of pens, autoinjectors and infusion systems to administer liquid drugs. Ypsomed promotes and sells its product portfolio directly to patients or through pharmacies and clinics and as business-to-business to pharmaceutical companies. Ypsomed has its headquarters in Burgdorf, Switzerland, and operates a global network of manufacturing sites, subsidiaries and distributors. The Ypsomed Group employs around 1,700 employees. Additional information is available under

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