Our investment in research and development is above average.

When developing our new technologies, the focus is on added value for those affected, the customers and society. We regard ourselves as an innovation leader in our market. We defend this position through product innovation in regard to the handling, the materials as well as the application capabilities of our devices. In addition, we want to continue shaping the market by expanding our portfolio with digital solutions for successful therapies. The future of self-medication relies heavily on connected devices and data-based systems. Connected, intelligent systems that help to improve adherence and quality of treatment benefit everyone: Users, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare systems, payers, society and, last but not least, the environment. Therefore, we are increasing our efforts especially in the development of innovations and the expansion of technical know-how. Thanks to our active patent strategy, we are the technology and innovation leader in the industry. We are continuing to expand this position. In doing so, we ensure that our products and services always offer added value.

Our contribution

  • Innovative and evidence-based healthcare
  • Digital therapy management and optimal therapy outcomes
  • Advanced solutions in our industry (technology leadership)

Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Gesundheit und Wohlergehen Industrie, Innovation und Infrastruktur

Highlights 2021/22

  • Cooperation with CamDiab Ltd. on the introduction of adaptive automated insulin delivery via smartphone
  • Introducing YpsoMate On – the world’s first autoinjector with fully integrated connectivity
  • Number of users of smart solutions almost doubled
  • Over 20 % increase in highly skilled research and development staff

Learn more about Innovation & Digital Health in the annual report (PDF).

Latest news

We introduced the new mould generation

In week 13 of this year, mould making history was made at Ypsomed. The latest generation of injection moulds was successfully put into operation at the technical centre in Burgdorf. The injection mould in question was the Telescopic Look Sleeve, which was designed and built in-house for the first time as a 16-cavity mould. The special feature here is that the mould produces 32 moulded parts in a single injection cycle and assembles the two parts which belong together while still in the mould – and thus allows 16 assembled parts to be removed from the mould with a pick and place gripper.