With innovative, simple-to-use and reliable products as well as modern care concepts, Ypsomed wants to contribute significantly to the success of a therapy for patients and make self-care become self-evident.

One major component in order to achieve this goal are the interactions between Ypsomed and Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations. The partnership and knowledge transfer help promote the development of medical technologies and innovative medical devices, while giving patients access to better therapy. We support medical institutes in expanding and securing their expertise with the appropriate instructions, training and supporting services.

Ypsomed is committed to ensuring that the independent decision-making of Healthcare Professionals is not jeopardised by such interactions. We therefore support the publication and transparency of all educational grants as prescribed by the Swiss Medtech Transparency Guidelines.

Methodology for assessing and disclosing:

Verifying the enquiry

Ypsomed checks enquiries for educational grants in line with the Swiss Medtech Code of Conduct chapter 4, item 3, with regard to their compliance with general criteria for events.

Ypsomed and the applicant organisation agree on a contract for awarding the educational grant. This contract clearly defines the intended purpose of the educational grant and grants Ypsomed the right to verify that the grant is in fact being used for the agreed intended purpose.

Ypsomed is not involved in any way in the selection of the Healthcare Professionals who will benefit from the grant and also exerts no influence on determining the content of a training programme or the selection of areas of specialism. However, the purpose and topics of the educational event chosen by the organisation must be relevant to an area in which Ypsomed operates.

Ypsomed always assesses enquiries for an educational grant in accordance with the dual-control principle and documents them.

Disclosure of amounts

Ypsomed always issues educational grants to companies or organisations such as medical institutes or professional conference organisers. Ypsomed never pays educational grants directly to Healthcare Professionals.

Educational grants are issued as gross amounts including statutory VAT.

Grants that benefits several organisations

An educational grant for educational events may be concluded for the benefit of several Healthcare Organisations. If the amounts paid can be clearly attributed to the recipient organisations, the amounts are disclosed as such. If this is not possible, we divide the total amount by the number of recipients and disclose the amounts and recipients accordingly.

Reporting period

The reporting period always comprises a full calendar year. Reports are published by 31 August of the following year on this website.

Duration of publication

As per the Swiss Medtech Transparency Guidelines, the duration of publication of a reporting period is three years after the initial publication.

The Transparency Guidelines have been in force since 01/01/2018. Ypsomed is publishing its 2018 report as its first official reporting period.