Responsible towards the environment, partners and employees

We are a value-based company and feel committed to society as a whole. That is why we take responsibility for the environmental, social and societal impact of our actions and strive for long-term and sustainable development. And in doing so, we are open, fair and respectful towards customers, partners and employees.eitenden.

Highlights 2020/21

  • Launch of the development of the YpsoMate® Zero, the fi rst CO2-neutral autoinjector worldwide
  • Reduction of fossil fuel consumption for heat by 6 %
  • Calculation of the corporate carbon footprint across the entire value chain and the resulting long-term climate targets
  • Very high values for satisfaction, identification and loyalty in the employee survey
  • Sensitisation training on information security introduced for employees

By “Responsibility & Commitment” we mean our social responsibility in environmental protection, the promotion and development of employees, as well as ethical behaviour as individuals and as a company.

YpsoMate Zero The first carbon emission free pre-filled autoinjector

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First step towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.