Corporate Governance & Compliance

With a high level of performance in all our activities and honest, open and responsible conduct, we strengthen the trust placed in us by our customers, business partners and shareholders.

We foster an open, honest and transparent corporate culture and communication. Since our foundation, our vision and mission have been shaped by the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders, as well as by the legitimate interests of authorities, society and the environment. We pursue sustainable corporate development, which also includes the ability to constantly adapt to the environment and to be open to change and adaptation. At the same time, we respect the different regional cultural and social rules in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the framework for ethical behaviour in our company. We are committed to treating employees, customers and business partners honestly, fairly and with respect. We refrain from any kind of discrimination and harassment and other inappropriate behaviour in the working environment such as corruption and unfair competition. We are committed to health and well-being, respect and integrity, openness and responsible behaviour in our daily actions and decisions in the company. The Code of Conduct is an integral part of the employment contract and regular training is provided. All employees are responsible for complying with the applicable legislation and consistently implementing our principles and values.

Data and information security

As a globally active company, we comply with the laws and regulations on data protection and data security of the countries in which Ypsomed operates. Our processes and procedures regarding data protection and data security are standardised across the group and meet a high level of personal data protection. By doing so, Ypsomed protects the freedom of self-determination of the affected persons even in countries without adequate data protection rights.

87 %
of the employees have received data protection training

The technical and organisational actions we take to protect the company’s confidential information include actions for the confidentiality, integrity, availability and robustness of the systems and services. We aim to align our information security management system with the level of ISO 27001 to meet the increasing needs in this area.

Our efforts and the implementation of actions in the area of data protection are analysed and assessed annually in a data protection report. The report prepared for this financial year attests Ypsomed an average to good status with regard to activities and compliance with legal requirements.

Responsible supply chain

We also demand responsible behaviour from our suppliers towards employees, society and the environment. Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers specifies all requirements. In concrete terms, we expect our suppliers to act ethically and with integrity, to respect internationally recognised human rights and to treat their employees with dignity and respect. We also expect suppliers to ensure the health and safety of their employees and other affected persons and to protect the environment. We only consider suppliers who have systems in place which enable them to demonstrate compliance with laws as well as with our principles.

29 %
of relevant suppliers have an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers is an integral part of our supply contracts. We are implementing a new sustainable procurement programme to ensure a high social and environmental standard of responsible business conduct among our suppliers. Supplier commitment is imperative for us to achieve our sustainable product and value chain objectives. Encouragingly, 29 % of the relevant suppliers already have an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system.