Digitalization in Barcelona

Digitalization of product portfolio


One of today’s mega trends in healthcare and MedTech is digitalization. Ypsomed is shaping this trend with creative concepts and new products under the umbrella brands Diabetes Care and Delivery Systems. The establishment of a new software development site in Barcelona is in full swing. This expansion strengthens our development of digital services in the area of app and cloud technologies, which are already proving important today and which will become even more important for us and our customers in the future.

From Quatit, Eritrea to Ypsomed in Burgdorf, Switzerland


Swiss German instead of Tigrinya, pasta instead of injera – a new culture and different circumstances. Million Hailemariam came to Switzerland as a refugee from Eritrea in 2014 at the age of 15. This summer he will complete his apprenticeship at Ypsomed as a plastics technologist EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence). His background, his development and his experiences.

Ypsomed's sustainability program

Towards a sustainable future


As a responsible and future-oriented company, sustainability is of crucial importance to us. It is therefore one of our strategic pillars. We are currently further developing our company-wide sustainability program. Our goal is to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

Ypsomed builds two big silos

Less packaging material and more production space


At our production site in Solothurn, two big silos have been installed in the beginning for October 2020. In these two giants, we store plastic granules. Before the installation of these silos, granules were delivered and stored on pallets. The silos have been installed for strategic reasons.

Ypsomed's autoinjector YpsoMate

Promising start-up opts for Ypsomed's user-friendly autoinjector to treat PMDD

YDS Story

Asarina Pharma has decided to go with our user-friendly two-step autoinjector YpsoMate for its commercial launch of its drug Sepranolone. Sepranolone is the world’s first treatment for pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).