Ypsomed continuously expands its solution portfolio to include digital services that support patients in their self-medication and their therapy. With our solutions, we help to improve adherence to treatment as well as quality of life and also relieve the burden on the healthcare system.

Digitisation in diabetes therapy management

Changing patient-doctor relationship


Digitisation opens the door for new products and new possibilities in the diabetes therapy management. Due to digitisation, patients are gaining knowledge and independence and therefore their demands increase. As a result, the patient-doctor relationship is undergoing change.

Individualisation in diabetes therapy


The number of Type 1 diabetics using old insulin pumps without secure communication interfaces to build their own “Closed Loop” system is growing steadily. The so-called “loopers” are thus sending a clear signal to manufacturers and showing what is in demand for insulin pump therapy.

Interview with futurologist Jeanette Huber


In the interview she explains the consequences of digitisation for the healthcare system. Classical systems and processes are breaking up and need to be redefined. But what exactly does digitisation do to us?

The roles must be reassigned


Digitisation is an industrial revolution. New technologies are breaking up and changing markets, conventional products and services are being replaced and established systems require rethinking. The health care system, too, is in flux and undergoing fundamental change. Those who react to change and rethink at an early stage will be successful in the future.