Rafael Navajo, Beat Kaser, Hanspeter Mock, Albert Castellanos und Simon Michel (left to right).

Our new digital hub in Barcelona


On 3 May 2022, our new Software Delivery Centre in Barcelona was officially opened: Albert Castellanos, Minister of Economy and Competitiveness and our CEO, Simon Michel, laid the foundation for a flourishing collaboration in Spain in the presence of numerous media representatives.

Digitalization in Barcelona

Digitalization of product portfolio


One of today’s mega trends in healthcare and MedTech is digitalization. Ypsomed is shaping this trend with creative concepts and new products under the umbrella brands Diabetes Care and Delivery Systems. The establishment of a new software development site in Barcelona is in full swing. This expansion strengthens our development of digital services in the area of app and cloud technologies, which are already proving important today and which will become even more important for us and our customers in the future.