Emre during his language stay

From 30 September to 28 October, Emre, IT Application Development Apprentice in the YDS Innovation Team, spent a month in Barcelona at our new Software Delivery Center. He was able to gain valuable insights into the important work we do in Catalonia – and also implement projects himself. We met him for an interview.

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Emre Cimen, Application Development Apprentice at Ypsomed

Ypsomed supports apprentices who want to go on a language study trip: Emre, an application development apprentice, took advantage of this offer and moved his work from Burgdorf to Barcelona for a month.

Dear Emre, what are you doing at Ypsomed?

I am currently in my fourth year of my apprenticeship and work in the Digital Innovation Team in Burgdorf as an application developer.

How did your stay in Barcelona come about?

My apprenticeship supervisor told me about the focus on application development in Barcelona and the idea came up that we could do an exchange. Ypsomed supports us apprentices very well and also finances language courses, which is how it came about. My superiors were convinced by the idea.

What were your tasks in Barcelona?

I worked in the office near Las Ramblas, above Placa Catalunya – mainly with the Digital Health team. First of all, I had to find my way around and get to know my new colleagues. I first continued to work on my existing projects and then received a new project from the team on site, where I was allowed to implement a front end. A front-end project refers to developing the user interface (what users see and interact with) of a software application. In general, I felt very integrated, we went to break and lunch together. I was also able to gain valuable insights into meetings, workshops and other projects of the Software Delivery Center.

Where did you stay?

I had the opportunity to choose an Airbnb apartment, which Ypsomed paid for. With the agreement of my apprenticeship supervisor, I chose one in the old town, in the Barrio Gotic. 

What did you like best about the city and this exchange?

The weather was great and the people are very friendly and open. The architecture and especially the art were also very beautiful – the city thrives on it. I was able to open up more and more over time and got to know lots of new people.

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