Changing patient-doctor relationship

Digitisation opens the door for new products and new possibilities in the diabetes therapy management. Due to digitisation, patients are gaining knowledge and independence and therefore their demands are increasing. As a result, the patient-doctor relationship is undergoing change.

Digitisation in diabetes therapy management
The availability of connected diabetes data makes the consultation simpler, clearer and better in quality.

Digitisation is one of the key topics in Ypsomed’s product portfolio. With the mylife Digital therapy management system, we offer people with diabetes as well as health care professionals an easy-to-use and easy-to-share solution for diabetes therapy data. The mylife Digital system consists of the mylife Software, the mylife App and the mylife Cloud. The digital therapy management is a great opportunity: no more manual diabetes diaries by the patients and no more manual data analysis by the doctor. On the other hand, the digitisation calls for a change of mind regarding the traditional patient-doctor relationship.

Well-informed patients

The digital display of blood glucose values and pump data in real time allows users to keep track of their state of health. In addition, infinite medical information can be found on the internet – although it is not always correct. The treating physicians come therefore into contact with more responsible, more independent patients. Due to the wider knowledge and the greater degree of self-determination of the patients, the doctor’s consultations are even more individual today than they used to be. In the modern patient-doctor relationship, the doctor’s role is no longer the one of a sole knowledge owner, but rather the one of an accompanying consultant.

Deepened relationship of trust

The availability of connected diabetes therapy data makes the consultation simpler, clearer and above all better in quality. However, this means that the industry must provide the patient with a secure environment in which he can collect and store his or her data. Patients must retain control over their data. With our mylife Cloud, for example, the treating physician can only access the patient’s data if the patient has expressly approved this and has made the data available to the physician. The digitisation makes the patient’s behaviour more transparent. That is why a deepened relationship of trust between doctor and patient is necessary.

The new products and diabetes therapy possibilities demand a change of mind, but it is worth it; for a simpler and more effective diabetes therapy.

We talked to 70 diabetologists and diabetes consultants and asked them about their views on digitisation:

75 %

think that the digitisation will improve or not worsen the patient-doctor relationship.

72 %

believe that in five years more than half of the patients will choose their diabetologists according to his/her digital possibilities.  rd.

51 %

consider it advisable to save and manage patients’ data in a cloud in the future.

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