The pandemic has had a lasting impact on our idea of work. The sudden home office obligation has led to challenges, but also to new opportunities. Flexible working, independent of time and location, has become an integral part of our culture at Ypsomed within a very short time. We want to continue to attract the best talent in the industry and therefore offer a working environment tailored to employees' individual situations at all stages of their lives. 

Flexible working in home office is possible without any problems at Ypsomed.


Our FlexWork working model strives for the optimal balance between presence at the workplace and home office, i.e. between personal exchange on site and locally flexible, individual work scheduling. At Ypsomed, FlexWork therefore means that employees can basically work from anywhere and at any time within the legal framework. The departments and teams decide together how they want to work.  

As part of the FlexWork initiative, Ypsomed relies on a central company-wide platform for collaboration in the team, in the department, in projects, in work groups and communities.

Our new, modern office premises invite you to work.

Attractive office landscapes for more productivity

In today's world, the workplace should be an inspiring, attractively designed place to meet. Employees feel the need for a working landscape with different working and meeting zones, good indoor climate, meeting boxes for web conferencing, more plants and color. To meet these needs, we started the redesign of the office space in September 2022 and will complete this project in October 2023.

"We really appreciate the new, comfortable office space with plants. The meeting boxes are very well received and diligently used. It is quieter than in the previous offices and the indoor climate is very good without having to ventilate constantly. All in all, we are very satisfied with the implementation - we are looking forward to the project completion in October 2023," says Beat Aeschlimann, Head of Operations Services about the project.

Working at Ypsomed 

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