Thambymuthu Jeyamohan is 43 years old, originally from Sri Lanka and currently lives in Wiler near Utzenstorf. He is married and has two children. In his spare time he likes to tinker with electronics and to program, as he comes from this field and has completed an apprenticeship as a software developer.

Thambymuthu Jeyamohan, ICT Supporter Service Desk at Ypsomed

What is your job at Ypsomed?

I work at the Service Desk Maintenance. We solve all problems with the hotline – first and second level support. In other words, everything that concerns IT and SAP. This includes hardware errors, software errors or user problems. We analyze and solve the problem directly or forward it. 

What do you like about your work and the company?

I was able to turn my hobby into my profession, which makes me very happy. I also like dealing with people and working on the computer. At Ypsomed, I feel comfortable in my team and enjoy the freedom to solve things my way – as long as they are solved correctly. I also enjoy supporting my colleagues in solving problems. It is a very diverse job.

What is a normal working day like for you?

A working day is rarely or never normal. I usually start by processing mails. Then I answer our employees' support requests – I probably spend half the day on the phone discussing and solving them. There is no regular daily routine. There are always new inquiries and cases for which a solution has to be found. 

How have you developed with us?

I do everything that concerns software procurement and accreditation. On the side, I continue my education. I value this opportunity very much.

Do you commute? What is your experience with it?

I take the car because it gets me to work faster. In the morning, I'm usually at the office in fifteen minutes. In the evening, with the after-work traffic, it takes a bit longer. I'm actually always in the office and prefer to work on site. Some things I just can't do from home. Handling hotline requests would be possible, but if I need to test something, it's easier on site.

Name 3 hashtags you would use to describe Ypsomed.

#fair (good experiences), #family, #teamwork

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