Whether it is folding envelopes, restocking supplies or taking pens apart – Max has been working at Ypsomed for more than 30 years with great pleasure and dedication. He has a cognitive disability – but that does not stop him from spreading a lot of happiness. We take a look at his activities and our cooperation with the Training and Work Centre for the Disabled (SAZ) in Burgdorf.

Craftsmanship at Ypsomed

For over 30 years, Max has been coming to us in Burgdorf from Oberburg every day and works there each morning in facility management – where he can enjoy his talent for craftsmanship. He has been around so long that he also worked under the former Disetronic. With us, he takes apart complete pens and then packs the parts into the appropriate disposal bins, walks the hallways with the cleaning machine or shreds files – Max is constantly busy and works with a lot of commitment during the time he is on the road at our Burgdorf premises.

The SAZ in Burgdorf

At the age of 16, Max joined the Training and Work Centre for the Disabled in Burgdorf (SAZ). The SAZ accompanies and supports people with cognitive, sometimes also physical or mental impairments. The services offered by the institution include curative education, adapted training or jobs, as well as suitable forms of housing. In particular, the SAZ supports people's participation in social and professional life.

The SAZ is an important institution in the Burgdorf region and offers its services to many companies. At the SAZ, Max is perfectly looked after: the work is individually tailored to the people, so that there is no over-, but also no under-challenge. He is always at the SAZ on Mondays and Wednesdays, where he completes various customer orders in the area of equipment and packaging.

Ypsomed supports integration

As a large company in the Bern region, we see cooperation with institutions such as the SAZ as a matter of course. We actively help and support people with disabilities – so that we can also help them to simplify their lives. We have been working with the SAZ for over 30 years and we are always happy when professionals from the institution come to our company again and support us in our everyday work.

Max would like to stay with us until he retires. Until then, we look forward to meeting Max again and again in the corridors of Ypsomed in Burgdorf– always with a smile on his face.

Human Resources policy at Ypsomed

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