Rare Disease Day

The treatment of chronic conditions has made great progress in recent years: with our products, we help people with chronic and rare conditions to simplify their therapy and make self-treatment simpler and easier.

With our YpsoMate autoinjector, for example, we are able to make our contribution to the treatment of rare diseases such as myasthenia gravis, haemophilia, hereditary angioedema or Graves' disease – we are in constant contact with pharmaceutical customers. 

In addition, our UnoPen is used by customers to treat a rare type of cancer – polycythaemia vera. We are able to adapt the UnoPen to the individual requirements of primary packaging, medication and therapy and thus offer customized solutions.

In the coming years, we want to further improve treatment options for people with chronic conditions and rare diseases and make our contribution to successful therapy and a better quality of life with our products. We believe that self-treatment should be accessible to everyone. In this way, we not only help those affected, but also reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

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