Ypsomed acts sustainable towards the environment, partners and employees

Ypsomed is a value-based company and feels committed to society as a whole. That is why we take responsibility for the environmental, social and societal impact of our actions and strive for long term and sustainable development. And in doing so, we are open, fair and respectful towards customers, partners and employees – together we are taking the path to a sustainable future.

The healthcare sector has a significant environmental footprint. Ypsomed strives for optimisation across the entire life cycle of the products as well as across the entire value chain of the company. This begins with development, continues with procurement and production, and extends to packaging as well as use by the users, and finally to disposal and recycling.

Product responsibility and circular economy

We take on product responsibility by minimising the undesirable effects of our products and services on health, safety and the environment throughout the entire product life cycle. Furthermore, we make efficient use of the energy necessary. We implement these measures while at the same time fulfilling the most important demands on medical technology: high quality, patient safety as well as user-friendliness. As a large part of our environmental footprint is generated outside our facilities and processes, we have networked with our partners to jointly address these challenges.

Climate and energy across the value chain

The realization, that the materials we procure create the largest share of our carbon footprint, inspired the development of the YpsoMate Zero. The YpsoMate Zero, launched in 2020, is the world’s first CO2-neutral autoinjector. It is CO2-optimised due to the use of alternative, sustainable plastic and the packaging material. The YpsoMate Zero exemplifies our approach: reducing emissions by substituting the materials used, reusing the packaging materials and compensating for the remaining footprint. In the Ypsomed action plan, we specify these ambitions with concrete short- and medium-term reduction targets, taking into account scientific guidelines (in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and across the entire value chain. We have already signed an SBTi declaration of intent.

Recycling and waste

Regulatory requirements and the high quality demands require extensive test runs, which inevitably generate rejects in our plants. However, we try to minimise waste and rejects as far as possible and constantly increase the proportion of recycled waste at our production sites. Since 2020, we have been able to recycle an additional 50 tons of plastic by collecting it separately and sorting it by category. We are currently implementing a return and recycling system for the mylife YpsoPump. Insights into the carbon footprint, have led us to implement an eco-design process for development. This promotes the use of sustainable materials and improves the recyclability and reuse of products.

Employee support

Ypsomed is the third largest employer in the medical technology sector in Switzerland. Ypsomed’s employees have attractive and future-oriented job and development opportunities. The company supports young talents and trains around 60 apprentices in twelve professions. Approximately 80% of all apprentices take up a position with Ypsomed after completing their apprenticeship.

The promotion of employee diversity and the inclusion of different groups of people (age, gender, nationality, etc.) are important cornerstones of Ypsomed’s personnel policy. Ypsomed consistently implements gender equality and ensures equal pay between men and women: that means, equal pay for the same job for the same experience and the same contribution to the company.

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