Ypsomed bearer of the fair-pay label ADVANCED

Women and men are paid equally at Ypsomed. The Fair-Pay-Label ADVANCED confirms the equal pay between women and men in the company. This certificate confirms our efforts to create a contemporary and attractive corporate culture in which equal rights are cultivated and lived.

Ypsomed has long been committed to a strong, fair and contemporary corporate culture. Our efforts have now been verified and confirmed by the standard analysis method of the Swiss Confederation (logib.ch): the analysis proves that equal pay between women and men has been complied with – and the correct implementation of this review has been confirmed by an auditor. As a result of our efforts to achieve equal pay, we have now been awarded the Fair Pay Label ADVANCED certificate, which is valid for four years until March 2025. The analysis is based on complete salary and personnel data for the month of April 2021 of 1169 employees (877 men and 292 women).

In the future, Ypsomed will continue to strive to maintain the self-evident principle of equal pay and to shape the company's pay policy accordingly.

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