Internationality places high demands on logistics

For a globally operating medical devices company, there are many difficulties, barriers and insecurities in the worldwide supply of medical products, which pose challenges for logistics. Challenges that our logistics department masters on a daily basis.

Logistics in the medical sector
Marlene Flück, Head of Import/Export

In the field of medical technology, the security of supply has top priority. After all, the users of these vital products depend on them.


Logistics is therefore of central importance to Ypsomed. As a global medical device company, we supply industry partners, patients, pharmacies and hospitals. We have a global network of subsidiaries and distributors in over 40 countries, ranging from Canada to India and Australia. This internationality poses high challenges for our logistics.


A current example of international challenge is Brexit and the resulting uncertainty about the drafting of new trade agreements. Should a hard Brexit occur, not only will new contracts have to be created to guarantee the supply of medical devices to the country, but the products themselves will need to be newly approved in the United Kingdom.


During the last few months, Ypsomed has continuously increased the stock of products in the United Kingdom in order to counteract the uncertainty. This way, customers can be supplied for at least six months.

Regardless of political and economic circumstances, it must be ensured that vital medical products reach the end consumer in need of them. A challenge that our logistics masters on a daily basis.

Source: swiss export Journal

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