Manuel grew up in Solothurn and thinks it is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. In his free time, the 29-year-old focuses on sport: he plays football and in winter he enjoys snowboarding and sledging. Manuel joined Ypsomed two and a half years ago and works in Diabetes Care.

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Manuel Gueggi, International Product Manager at Ypsomed

What is your job with us?

I work as an International Product Manager (IPM) and am responsible for the mylife CamAPS FX app at mylife Diabetescare. My main tasks include coordinating the provision of all necessary components that contribute to the success of our products in the respective markets. As the first point of contact for our more than 20 subsidiaries, the IPMs form the link between the subsidiary and the head office. Successful cooperation requires good communication and cross-functional exchange.

We support our subsidiaries in expanding product knowledge and provide product-specific marketing tools, maintain our products together with our partners and plan future product and market launches. We take part in several trade fairs every year to present our products and their benefits, maintain a direct exchange with medical specialists, users and influencers and keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.

What do you like about your work and the company?

The exciting exchange with the subsidiaries at and away from the trade fair is always a highlight. We are allowed to take on a lot of responsibility and make decisions internally. We work in a fast-moving environment, a lot happens, which is why efficient implementation of changes is often a challenge. The contact with our subsidiaries gives you a lot in return. Working as a hub with all the experts in their fields and orchestrating product and market launches together is extremely motivating.

What does a normal working day look like for you? 

I deal with requests from the countries and explain how our product works. We also prepare marketing and training materials or clarify regulatory issues. While I spend more time in meetings on some days, on other days I have more time for other day-to-day business. Exchanges within the product management team or with other departments are also part of everyday working life. I usually spend one or two days working from home and the rest of the time in the office in Solothurn. 

How have you developed with us? 

I started as a Junior Product Manager in the pen needle team and after a year, I joined the mylife YpsoPump & AID team to take up my current role. I have been part of the dynamic YpsoPump & AID team for one and a half years now.

What is life like in Solothurn? 

For me, Solothurn is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. It has so much to offer: Culture, enjoyment and nature come together to form a great overall package. In summer, you can go stand-up paddling on the Aare. The proximity to the Weissenstein, with its stunning views, rounds off the experience perfectly. And as if that wasn't enough, you can reach great ski resorts in no time at all.

Do you commute? What are your experiences with it?

I cycle to work and can be in the office in five to ten minutes.

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What are infusion systems and AID?

Infusion systems are medical devices that enable a controlled and continuous supply of insulin into the body, usually subcutaneously. They help to regulate glucose levels more precisely and automatically. Infusion systems often consist of an insulin pump connected to a subcutaneous infusion set and provide a convenient and efficient method of controlling insulin delivery for people with diabetes.

Automated insulin delivery refers to systems that combine continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with insulin pumps to automatically adjust and deliver insulin doses in response to glucose levels. This technology improves the management of diabetes by providing a more dynamic and personalized approach to insulin delivery and minimizes the need for manual intervention in glucose control.

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