Melinda at the ICT Skills 2023

After the successful participation in the "Industry Skills", we have also successfully participated in the "ICT Skills" Swiss Championship, which took place on September 21 in Zurich: Melinda, mediamatics apprentice, reached seventh place among the best 22 participants in Switzerland – congratulations!

Melinda at the ICT Skills Swiss Championship

Full concentration under time pressure

For the duration of one working day, the 22 participants competed for the Swiss championship. The task included planning the marketing and strategy of a startup, including designing a logo and name, as well as designing a website, social media and a storyboard.

We are proud of Melinda and happy with her for the excellent seventh place at the ICT Skills Swiss Championships, says Sarah Donatsch, Communication Manager Digital, about the participation. As a training company, we offer our apprentices state-of-the-art workplaces and the opportunity to work on great projects. Through our competent vocational trainers, we accompany the apprentices through their training and ensure that they complete it successfully.

Our questions for Melinda

What was it like working under time pressure?

It was intense. The atmosphere in the room as well as the pressure (and good headphones) made it possible for me to maintain focus the entire time. Additionally, it was challenging to have a good creative idea at the drop of a hat and know that every unused minute would lower the quality of my work. Looking back, however, I am positively amazed and delighted at all that I was able to accomplish in the tightly calculated time.

How did you prepare for the competition?

First, I had to go through the elimination at the regional championships. Since I successfully completed this competition, I went on to prepare for the Swiss Championships with two days of training. From then on, I prepared my materials and notes as well and as much as allowed. I then put the whole thing to the test in a test run.

How was the work and the atmosphere during the competition?

Concentrated. Since we had to work heavily under time pressure, full concentration was the key to success. The atmosphere could be compared to the calm in a library. However, there was more friendly than competitive interaction among us candidates.

What are your plans for the future?

First of all, I'm sure I'll successfully complete my apprenticeship and vocational baccalaureate. I'll leave it open what comes after that. The only thing that is certain is that I would like to complete another degree and continue to follow what I enjoy.

Attractive apprenticeships at Ypsomed

Through the final participation of our apprentices in the ICT Skills Swiss Championship, we are showing that we are an interesting employer offering exciting apprenticeships – and that an apprenticeship at Ypsomed is attractive for young talents. We hope that we will be able to attract further talent with our renewed participation in the finals of the ICT Skills.

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