Ypsomed continuously expands its solution portfolio to include digital services that support patients in their self-medication and their therapy. With our solutions, we help to improve adherence to treatment as well as quality of life and also relieve the burden on the healthcare system.

Self-treatment becomes a matter of routine

As a result of comprehensive digital health solutions for people suffering from chronic conditions as well as for medical personnel and for pharmaceutical customers, self-treatment is becoming a matter of course: we want to improve patient adherence – treatment compliance – and will continue to focus on the development of applications for therapy management in the coming years. After all, successful self-treatment offers benefits to users and providers alike and relieves the burden on the healthcare system in the long term. We are proud to make a significant contribution with our self-medication products for the people who are affected.

Integrated therapy management

Our smart devices, for example the networking of our Diabetes Care products based on the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump, are already helping people with chronic diseases to manage their therapy more easily and better. And as integrated therapy management brings numerous benefits, we are already developing approaches and solutions for long-term therapy success today: discreet and simple therapy via smartphone and our mylife App opens up new possibilities for users. A simple glance at the screen is all it needs, and all the relevant therapy data can be easily read – discreetly and without having to handle any diabetes devices. Using a wireless connection, the therapy data are then sent to the cloud where they are stored: they are considered to be the basis for treatment decisions and can be shared quite easily with the physician. Through this networked therapy solution, the attending physician can provide therapy suggestions directly to the user – thus relieving the burden on the health care system and positively enhancing therapy.

Digital therapy support

Particularly in chronic diseases, it is not always easy for those affected to adhere to the discussed therapy. This is because successful therapy includes communication, agreements and treatments. Adherence entails that patients adhere to agreements, to agreed behavioural changes, appointments, and the specified intake of medication. Simple, intuitive and integrated solutions improve patient adherence: the attending physician can see when, how and whether therapy was applied correctly, and can intervene in the patients’ behaviour if required. This synergy benefits all the stakeholders involved. What we already achieve for people with diabetes, is what we want to make possible for people with other chronic diseases. In this context, our focus is primarily on our pharmaceutical customers in the Ypsomed Delivery Systems business segment, to whom we want to offer a reliable product with additional digital services. We are committed to advancing our products and solutions into digital companions to help achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes for the benefit of society as a whole.

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