Our expansion plans for future success

In 2019, our new production plant was opened in Schwerin in north-eastern Germany. Since then, we have been steadily expanding the plant capacities for our infusion and injection business. The Schwerin site supports our global growth ambitions and provides the production space and technical infrastructure for our medium to long-term growth. With this plant, we are planning for the future in order to always be able to reliably respond to the demand of our customers and partners.

In view of our continuing growth, we have steadily expanded our production capacities in Switzerland in recent years. We found what we were looking for in Schwerin and found the ideal conditions to set up a production facility of our size.

Optimal framework conditions

We like to describe our location in Schwerin as a kind of ideal factory to meet our high quality requirements in combination with large volumes in production. The factory's infrastructure is excellently developed and offers us all the options we need to react flexibly to future market demands. The factory is equipped with modern clean rooms, plastic injection moulding machines, printing equipment as well as automatic assembly and packaging machines. We have deliberately distributed production over three halls and arranged it entirely on one level.

Production of injection and infusion systems

Our production plant for injection systems and infusion sets for insulin pumps is located on an area of 100 000 m². In Schwerin, we are investing in additional high-volume production lines for our existing platform products, which have been developed, tested and industrialised in Switzerland. In particular, due to the demand for the YpsoMate auto-injector and the intuitive variable-dose pen for insulin, for example, the UnoPen, we need additional production capacity.

Expansion plans for the future

In the medium term, we will be able to double the space expansion required in the next few years by replicating the existing plant. Thanks to this capacity expansion, we can successfully and reliably commercialise the gratifyingly strong growth in our order pipeline. Demand for our YpsoMate auto-injector is steadily increasing. Therefore, we will significantly increase the production capacity of YpsoMate in Schwerin. The necessary equipment has already been ordered and is currently being realised. The current capacity of our UnoPen platform in Solothurn will also be more than doubled by 2023 with new facilities in Schwerin.

Ypsomed in Schwerin

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