Digitalization of product portfolio

One of today’s mega trends in healthcare and MedTech is digitalization. Ypsomed is shaping this trend with creative concepts and new products under the umbrella brands Diabetes Care and Delivery Systems. The establishment of a new software development site in Barcelona is in full swing. This expansion strengthens our development of digital services in the area of app and cloud technologies, which are already proving important today and which will become even more important for us and our customers in the future.

Digitalization in Barcelona

Internet of Things, Cloud Applications, Cyber Security and Data Engineering and Science – digitalization permeates through wide areas of our lives and therefore also forms the focus of our product strategy and a large part of our investments. This is already amply reflected in that our product portfolio is expanding from purely mechanic and mechatronic devices to digital products and services. With this portfolio, Ypsomed is well prepared for digitalization in healthcare and will play a leading role in our environment. This is why it is essential for Ypsomed to further expand digital competencies within its organization. Last year alone, Ypsomed expanded its software department by 20 additional employees due to the high number of digital projects in Burgdorf and Solothurn. Currently, more than 100 experts and managers work in this area. In order to be able to cover the projects, Ypsomed also relies on external developers from time to time. The additional support by external specialists provides the opportunity to scale developments and benefit from external knowledge. At the same time, Ypsomed strives to establish and to retain the know-how acquired in the projects within our organization.

Attractive working location for software specialists

The broader Ypsomed is positioned in development, the better the company can counteract bottlenecks in resources. The growing number of cloud and app-based services for customers demand increased resources. Ypsomed has evaluated numerous options on how to build the necessary resources and competencies for the future. During this process, the shortage of Swiss specialists in software development was highlighted, ambitious plans of establishing a software hub in Switzerland would have been difficult to implement. Ypsomed therefore decided to set up a Software Delivery Centre outside Switzerland to help expand its search for talent. And Ypsomed found what it was looking for in the Catalan capital Barcelona – not only is the city a potpourri of different lifestyles, but also a magnet for Spain’s best talents in medical technology and software development.

The hub in Barcelona will serve as an important addition to the Swiss locations and will be a great asset in Ypsomed’s software development. The site in Barcelona will substantially support Ypsomed in the reliable implementation of software product developments reliably on time.

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