Ypsomed prefers direct applications

You are a professional recruiter wishing to support Ypsomed in the search for suitable candidates for an existing vacancy. We are very pleased! Please note the General Terms and Conditions of Ypsomed for recruitment agencies (GTC).

In order to support us you need to send us a signed copy of the GTC and request access to our recrtuitment platform via the form below.


If I do not have a business location in Switzerland, can I still work with Ypsomed?

Ypsomed only works with recruitment agencies that have a branch office in Switzerland and a corresponding permit (recruitment agency / contract personnel).

Submission of application documents

For which jobs can I submit suitable candidates?

Basically for all jobs that are displayed to you in your agency portal. If you have a candidate (m/f) who fits a job vacancy on our website and which is not featured on your agency portal, you can submit an inquiry to the relevant Human Resources contact (see job advertisement).

How do I submit a candidate dossier?
  • Via Log-in Page: https://agencysvc2.successfactors.eu/login
  • Click on the three dots and select “Submit new candidate”
  • Fill out the form with the appropriate information. Always enter the candidate with telephone number, e-mail address of the candidate and name of the candidate. The candidate is identified via the e-mail address.
  • Only one document may be submitted, i.e. a PDF consisting of:
    • Cover sheet (max. 1 page consisting of the contact details of the recruitment consultant and candidate, a brief summary, salary expectations and notice period)
    • Original cover letter from the candidate,
    • Curriculum vitae, references and diplomas/certificates of the candidate
  • Select the box “according to separate mail”
  • Click on “Add candidate”
Can I submit candidates for several vacancies at the same time?

Yes, if the job vacancy matches the profile and wishes of the candidate, you must submit this separately for each job vacancy. Select “Send existing candidate” for this purpose.

How do I monitor the current status of the application process?

The status is not visible in the system, you must contact the responsible contact in Human Resources for this purpose.

I cannot upload a candidate. Error message “Expiration date is not over yet” What does this mean?

A candidate has already been submitted to Ypsomed by another agency or has applied himself/herself.

Can the recruitment consultant edit, supplement or delete the candidate’s data in the system after it has been uploaded?

No, unfortunately this is not possible in terms of system technology.

Request an account

Pease upload the signed general terms and conditions.