The continuing professional development of our employees is a subject about which we feel strongly. This is why we support dedicated employees in their personal development.

We are committed to individual development

In our People Dialogues (appraisal meetings), we jointly identify fields of development and agree on appropriate measures. Personal development are aligned and coordinated with the career path at Ypsomed.

We support further education

Ypsomed supports individual trainings and further education courses in various forms. This way, we ensure that our employees are competent for their demanding tasks and we enable them to pursue a variety of careers in our company.

We support studying while employment

Yspomed offers motivated employees with potential targeted support in their personal and professional development. In addition to suitable part-time jobs, we also provide support for attending vocational schools and universities. For example, we pay all study fees for a Bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences and offer advantageous conditions of employment (e.g. temporary part-time employment).

We promote catch-up trainings with job qualifications

Ypsomed actively supports employees who wish to do a catch-up training according to article 32 of the Swiss Vocational Training Regulation. Employees without an apprenticeship certificate can thus subsequently acquire a vocational qualification with a Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence after several years on the job. This way they can keep up with the growing demands because of increased automatisation and can additionally raise their attractiveness on the job market. In these cases, Ypsomed pays for the entire school fees, for external training days and provides suitable vocational trainers and practical mentors.


Careers at Ypsomed

On average, two out of three successful apprenticeships end up in full employment at Ypsomed with apprentices continuing their career with us.