Innovative, straightforward, reliable – these are core values for Ypsomed.

Ypsomed Injection Systems - YDS

Ypsomed cultivates a corporate culture that promotes innovation as well as honest and transparent communication. Since our foundation, our vision and mission have been shaped by the interests of our shareholders, employees and customers, as well as by the legitimate interests of authorities, society and the environment. At the same time, we respect the different regional cultural and social rules in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The Code of Conduct describes the most important rules of conduct to support us in our daily actions and decisions within the company. The Code of Conduct makes no claim to cover all situations and their possible manifestations. However, together with our vision and mission, the Code of Conduct helps us to integrate our principles and values.

Our managers ensure that their employees have read and understood the Code of Conduct and they lead by example. All Ypsomed employees are responsible for complying with the applicable legislation and consistently implementing our principles and values. We encourage our employees and third parties to report suspected violations of the Code of Conduct via the Ypsomed Integrity Line.