People with acute and chronic conditions are supported in their self-treatment by the digital therapy management of Ypsomed and S3 Conncted Health.

Burgdorf – Ypsomed (SIX: YPSN) will expand its offering of digital health solutions together with S3 Connected Health in the future. S3 Connected Health, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland is a specialist digital health partner for life science companies. The new offering will allow Ypsomed’s biopharma customers to quickly launch therapy-specific digital patient solutions. People with acute and chronic diseases can thus be supported fully in their therapy management and the outcome of their treatment can be enhanced.

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Burgdorf – Parents and caregivers of children with diabetes can now follow their child's glucose and insulin data via the mylife CamAPS FX app on their own personal smartphone. The new "Companion remote monitoring" feature is fully integrated into the app. It gives parents and caregivers better control and peace of mind.

machine MD - Winner of the Ypsomed Innovation Award 2022

Press Releases Ypsomed Group

Burgdorf - The winners of the Ypsomed Innovation Award 2022 were honoured yesterday evening at the PwC Switzerland New Year's Apéro in Bern. The winners are machineMD (1st place), Pace Locator (2nd place) and Compact Motion (3rd place). The Innovation Award, worth a total of CHF 100,000, is presented every two years by the Ypsomed Innovation Fund Foundation. The aim is to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology from universities of applied sciences and universities in the "Espace Mittelland" region.

Burgdorf – Ypsomed announces that its mylife Loop is now authorized to work with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor in Germany. The mylife YpsoPump and the FreeStyle Libre 3, combined with the mylife CamAPS FX algorithm from CamDiab, form an intelligent and automated insulin delivery system (AID) designed to help people with type 1 diabetes to better control their glucose levels and alleviate the burden of daily diabetes management.

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Burgdorf – Ypsomed (SIX: YPSN) has developed a new autoinjector platform for liquid medications with volumes ranging from 1.5 to 5.5 ml. The YpsoMate 5.5 is the latest addition to the growing YpsoMate family of devices and is based on the established technology of the YpsoMate 2.25 Pro. YpsoMate 5.5 enables the self-administration of larger volume medications for treating cancer, rare and autoimmune diseases.