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We are monitoring the global development after the outbreak of the Coronavirus very closely. Our highest priority is our business continuity and the reliable supply of our products as well as the safety of our employees. We can confirm that to date there is no impact on the supply of our products and that our production sites are fully operational.

We have installed a crisis team to manage all possible impacts due to the COVID-19 and have prepared a phased plan to guarantee our business continuity as the global situation develops. We have taken measures to ensure our supply chain and the safety of our employees. These measures include but are not limited to:

  • Social distancing (no external visitors, only virtual meetings internally, safety distance of at least two meters in work environments where physical presence is required)
  • Employees with office workplaces work from home wherever possible
  • Time- or location-based team splitting is implemented for employees who cannot work from home
  • Travel ban
  • Intensified hygiene and cleaning in production facilities, offices and break rooms

For the time being, we do not expect any disruption to our business operations. We will provide you with regular updates.

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