Press Releases Ypsomed Group

Established Company – new Name
Disetronic Injection Systems Inc., an independent private limited company since May 2003, has changed its name to Ypsomed Inc., effective 15th August 2003.
As a result of the split-up of the Disetronic Group the Infusion business and the rights to the name Disetronic were sold to the Roche Group and the Injection business was taken over by Willy Michel, the founder of the Disetronic Group.

Nomen est omen
Ypsomed is derived from the ablative form "ipso" from the Latin "ipse" (= self, relating to myself) and "medication" thus stressing the company’s core competencies: products and services that allow patients to self-administer parenteral drugs in a simple or safe way or to self-diagnose clinical parameters such as blood glucose levels.

New image
The name change to Ypsomed brings with it a new image. The new logo is indicative of the global product life-cycle linking manufacturer, distributor and consumer and Ypsomed’s dedication and openness to innovation.

Continual growth
Ypsomed Inc. is set to continue its strong growth. During the current business year an additional 50 permanent and a further 50 temporary jobs have been created in Burgdorf. In addition, 100 new employees are currently being recruited in key European markets in the newly created Ypsomed sales and distribution organisation.

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