Press Releases Ypsomed Group

Burgdorf – Annual general meeting of July 1, 2014.

The shareholders of Ypsomed Holding AG approved all proposals by the board of directors by a large majority at the annual general meeting held July 1, 2014. The directors, Dr. h.c. Willy Michel, Anton Kräuliger, Prof. em. Norbert Thom and Gerhart Isler, have been reelected to their offices until the next annual general meeting. Dr. h.c. Willy Michel was approved as president of the board of directors for the same period. For the past 2013-2014 fiscal year, a dividend of CHF 0.30 per share, exempt from withholding tax, will be paid to shareholders from reserves arising from capital contributions. As previously announced and confirmed at the annual general meeting: Dr. h.c. Willy Michel's son Simon Michel follows him as CEO of the Ypsomed Group.

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