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Burgdorf - Swisscom and Ypsomed have been cooperating since the spring of 2017 to develop application options for the latest generation of mobile communications. Ypsomed has digitised selected production processes with 5G. This simplifies processes considerably, makes them even safer and more efficient.

Ypsomed was the first industry partner of Swisscom to test the new 5G mobile communications generation in ongoing production. As part of the pilot project, Ypsomed has digitised its production processes for injection pens across the entire value chain. In specific applications, Ypsomed uses the 5G technology to digitise the procurement of goods, to track goods throughout the entire production process, for the real-time evaluation of machine data, virtualisation of computer resources as well as the quality testing of individual components. This not only makes the processes simpler, safer and more efficient, it can also save costs. Among other things, this is due to the paperless and automated documentation of processes, shorter reaction times and predictive maintenance diagnostics.

We have always adopted new and promising technologies at an early stage. With 5G, we can raise our production concept to an even higher level and be even more efficient. 5G can be integrated well into ongoing production. The increase in efficiency shows us how we can handle our order situation even better in the future,

comments Frank Mengis, Chief Operation Officer at Ypsomed.

The results achieved with Ypsomed when applying 5G in production have exceeded our expectations and offer interesting future prospects,

adds Heinz Herren, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Swisscom.

5G strengthens Switzerland as a business location

5G opens up new opportunities for the economy and provides the basis for modular factories. A digitised economy requires high data capacities, short response times for critical business processes and maximum flexibility for the provision and placement of data capacities. 5G is the only technology to combine all the requirements for an international standard to an efficient extent and thus offers enormous potential for the Swiss economy.

The cooperation with Swisscom continues and has already shown us the potential of using 5G. We assume that we will be able to create jobs in Switzerland as a result of digitisation,

summarises Simon Michel, CEO at Ypsomed.

Thomas Kutt
Head of Investor Relations
Ypsomed Holding AG

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