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Ypsomed creates new jobs and invests in Solothurn facility

A significant part of this extension is yet another major project for long-standing partner Sanofi.

Ypsomed is investing in the future

The Ypsomed Group will also be securing its position as a technology leader in the field of injection and infusion systems well into the future.

Ypsomed semi-annual results 2015/16: Report and press release

Ypsomed increases EBIT margin in double digits and raises the forecast for the business year 2015/16 clearly.

Ypsomed signs master agreement for range of injection systems

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has three biotechnology proteins in its project portfolio that are in various stages of development and approval.

Ypsomed doubles dividends to shareholders

For the 2014/15 fiscal year, a dividend of CHF 0.60 per share, exempt from withholding tax, will be paid to shareholders from capital reserves.

Ypsomed now supplies the YpsoPen in Poland

The YpsoPen is being introduced to the Polish market and will be used to administer Polfa Tarchomin's insulin. Negotiations are in place to expand cooperation to other countries.

Ypsomed 2014/15 business year: Report and press release

In business year 2014/15 Ypsomed Group posted consolidated sales of CHF 306.6 million, which represents an increase of 11% year on year.

Ypsomed registered shares again included in Swiss Performance Index

After a transitional period of several months, the titles of the Ypsomed Holding AG will again be included in the SPI starting 12 May 2015. The SPI is the broad market index for the Swiss equity market. In addition to the Swiss Market Index, the SPI is Switzerland's most closely observed stock market index and contains virtually all of the shares traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange from companies based in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Ypsomed ties up with Lupin to supply YpsoPen for India

As the third-largest Indian pharmaceutical company with strong growth and over 45 years of market experience, Lupin is intimately acquainted with the Indian market and the needs of patients with diabetes in India. As such, Lupin is an ideal strategic partner for the Swiss injection system manufacturer Ypsomed.

Ypsomed to increase production capacity

The long-standing partnership between the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi and the Ypsomed Group will be bolstered by a new major project: starting in late 2016, Ypsomed plans to manufacture components for injection systems on an additional dedicated production line. The additional annual capacity will be in the double-digit millions.

New Chief Operating Officer in the Ypsomed Group

Frank Mengis is to join the executive management of the Ypsomed Group in October 2015, assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr. Mengis will succeed Dr Benjamin Reinmann, who is leaving the Burgdorf-based medical technology group at his own request.

Free float of Ypsomed registered shares increases to 25%

Over the past few days the quantity of Ypsomed registered shares freely available for trading on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the so-called free float, has exceeded 20% of the total stock of shares. If the free float consistently exceeds the lower limit of 20% over the next three months, then in accordance with the applicable regulations of the SIX Swiss Exchange, Ypsomed will once again be included in the Swiss Performance Index (SPI).