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Diabetes care

mylife Diabetescare

mylife Diabetescare is Ypsomed’s range of products and services for people with diabetes. It provides them with everything they need for simple and reliable self-treatment, giving their lives greater freedom and flexibility.

Infusion systems

mylife OmniPod

mylife YpsoPump insulin pump

Discover the simplicity of our new insulin pump mylife YpsoPump. The easy-to-learn insulin pump system, which features the essential functions. Thanks to its icon-based menu and the modern touch screen, the mylife YpsoPump is extremely easy and intuitive to operate. In addition, the compact and lightweight design makes it a discreet companion in everyday situations.

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mylife OmniPod

mylife OmniPod patch pump

The latest generation of the mylife OmniPod insulin patch pump provides even greater comfort in daily life and makes automatic self-medication the most natural thing in the world. The compact and waterproof pod can be worn conveniently at different sites. The soft cannula is placed automatically and comfortably. With an integrated blood glucose meter, mylife OmniPod offers a level of convenience that ensures greater freedom in daily life.

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Infusion set

mylife Orbit

The mylife Orbit infusion set offers a reliable and high-quality alternative for all insulin pumps with a Luer lock connection at an attractive price. mylife Orbit moves freely through 360°, and is simple to operate, guaranteeing greater flexibility and comfort in daily life. Worn inconspicuously at a suitable site, the infusion set stays securely on the skin due to the heat-activated adhesive patch. Matching steel and soft cannulas are available from Ypsomed. Our infusion sets ...

Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

mylife Unio

With innovative High Definition Signal Transmission (HDST) technology the mylife blood glucose meters provide high measurement accuracy and precision. Test strips are inserted at the side so with mylife blood glucose meters it is possible to take measurements hygienically without any blood contact.

The latest mylife blood glucose monitoring system is the modern, conveniently sized mylife Unio - ultra-compact, practical and discreet in everyday situations. Features provided by intuitive control of the language based meter include the adjustment of reminder functions and the setting of 4 event markers per measurement, which can be edited later. The new mylife AutoLance that has been developed is a high-precision lancing device. With its automatic load and release function it ensures constant pricking pressure and hence virtually painless blood sampling. More about our BGM systems ...

Pen and safety pen needles

mylife Clickfine

Safe injections are possible with needles for all currently available injection pens – thanks to mylife Clickfine with patented universal click technology. Audible clicking ensures secure seating, colour coding makes it easy to identify needle length and special siliconising minimises injection pain. The locking mechanism of the mylife Clickfine AutoProtect safety pen needles make accidental needlestick injuries a thing of the past for nursing staff. Discover our pen-needles ...