From platform to custom products

Each project at Ypsomed is individual. By working to a standardised development process we are able to focus on the real task in hand – the development of successful solutions for our customers.

To start a project we jointly evaluate the customer-specific requirements and match them to a unique platform technology or select and combine relevant technologies of different platforms. The main project tasks then consist of making necessary adaptations to the platform followed by device verification and industrialization.

Our entire development process fully complies with the requirements of the respective cGMP and ISO guidelines. This is ensured by using design control systems such as stringent cross-functional reviews and key milestones, comprehensive risk assessment procedures throughout the entire project and through design verification and validation procedures.

Based on our proven development processes, our customers can rest assured to finally have the best choice of commercial product in their hands.

From platform to custom products

Ypsomed’s approach to providing customized products based on short timelines and reduced risks and costs.

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