We are the third largest employer in the medical technology sector in Switzerland.

Ypsomed employs a staff of over 2200 qualified people, more of the half of them in Switzerland. This makes us the third largest employer in the medical technology sector in Switzerland. Employees have attractive and future-oriented job and development opportunities. We use a structured talent management process to identify potential and consistently develop skills further.

For us, equal pay is a matter of course.

The promotion of employee diversity and the inclusion of different groups of people (age, gender, nationality, etc.) are important cornerstones of Ypsomed’s personnel policy. Ypsomed consistently implements gender equality and ensures equal pay between men and women: that means, equal pay for the same job for the same experience and the same contribution to the company. This objective has been achieved for several years, as regular external and audited salary analyses have shown.

Equal Pay

Equal Pay at Ypsomed

Compensation is regularly analyzed internally and externally and adjusted as necessary. This includes participation in salary benchmarks as well as the review of salary equality between the sexes.

Ypsomed is a proud bearer of the fair-pay label ADVANCED, which confirms equal pay between men and women.

Safety and health

Ypsomed offers optimal working conditions to protect the safety and health of its employees. All plants, buildings and work processes are equipped with protection and safety concepts and are subject to strict inspection and control protocols. The organisation is prepared for emergencies, both operationally and organisationally. Different offers and information at work and for leisure promote health and well-being. A new programme is WE@Ypsomed, which supports employees and fellow citizens in the areas of health, culture and sustainability. The aim is to allocate Ypsomed's sponsorship budget primarily to our employees, who are committed to internal and external projects.

The multifaceted activities for employee development strengthen job satisfaction, identification and solidarity with the company. The employee survey 2020 confirmed the positive trend of recent years: In the categories “satisfaction”, “identification” and “solidarity”, the values continue to remain at a very high level.

Employee survey at Ypsomed
The employee survey takes places every two years.