We take on social responsibility across the company and presently train young people in eleven vocational professions. At the end of the business year 2016/17 55 trainees were undergoing training. This is approximately five per cent of the workforce. More than 50 per cent of the graduate apprentices were offered full-time employment after successfully completing their final exam.

HRplus – a sustainable support programme
Under the name of HRplus, we have established a support programme to develop and secure specialists and executives under the auspices of exemplary training and further education of employees. One of the major objectives is the strategic development in the area of professional qualifications at our sites in Switzerland. We offer eleven different vocational professions. Many of these have been newly aligned to the application of state-of-the-art technologies.

We also give considerable support in the field of catch-up education – diplomas for adults. Those wishing to further their education with university studies are supported both financially and in terms of time allocation. A career is possible via leadership, specialist and project career paths. The concept also includes so-called bridging careers. These embrace promoting individual job alternatives for managers prior to actual retirement. Modern work concepts of work organisation are also implemented: annual work time for everyone, part-time models, job sharing, home office, sabbaticals as well as trust-based working time for management employees. Flexible retirement is included in our job models. This is possible between the ages of 60 and 70 with a gradual reduction in employment. Our future-oriented job models were awarded the Solothurn Enterprise Award in 2017 and we are in top 15 of the most attractive employers in Switzerland.

Continuous further education
Continuous further education of employees is essential for a medical engineering company such as Ypsomed. The employees are given advanced training in important areas, such as quality management, safety and computer sciences. This is supplemented by regular impulse presentations on a variety of topics, such as innovation management or design thinking. In addition, we offer our employees the opportunity of improving their foreign language skills through targeted courses.