Nadine Kaufmann moved to Burgdorf from eastern Switzerland 16 years ago for her job at Ypsomed. The 42-year-old wanted to work in the field of medical technology after completing her mechanical engineering studies at the ETH in Zurich. Until the birth of her first child, she worked full time, after which the mother of two reduced to a 60 % part time job.    

Nadine Kaufmann, Manager Expert Services, Specialist Sustainability.

In her job, Nadine had a lot to do with plastics, so she wanted to know more and decided to do a master's degree in plastics technology at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). She is currently focusing on sustainability with a CAS.  

Nadine, what is your job with us?  

I am involved in projects with life cycle assessments and make calculations for product decisions. In addition, I work on internal sustainability projects in which we are, for example, testing the recycling of our products. Recently, I became a team leader.  

What do you like about your work and the company?  

In my work, I must deal with many different teams. I like the fact that I don't work exclusively conceptually but can calculate something and put concrete things on paper. I also like the spirit at Ypsomed –  the atmosphere is always good, and the colleagues are helpful. Everyone is open to change and support our common sustainability goals.  

We have many specialists and work on a high level. We are good at what we do! I also like the employment conditions, e.g., that you can do flexwork and work part-time. So childcare is not a problem. You can take your child to the dentist and continue working afterwards. Work in the morning, be home for lunch –  everything is possible. In fact, my work has always been exciting despite part-time, and it has not meant any restriction in my professional development.  

What is a normal working day like for you?  

I have a lot of meetings. In the morning, I read my emails and have meetings with the teams on diverse topics. Sometimes I also have meetings with suppliers, e.g., for sustainable plastics. I also do plans and calculations for projects and have a lot of interaction with other people. At least half of the day I work with other people. I like this mix of teamwork and independent work.  

How would you like to develop?  

We want to further strengthen the area of sustainability. Currently, I am the only person in our team who is responsible for this, but there are many colleagues in other departments with whom I work a lot. In the next few months, we want to expand my team to four people who work on life cycle assessments and sustainability projects, and I am really looking forward to that. Personally, I have already had an enormous development, because first I was at Product care, then moved to the innovation department as a development engineer and became a plastics specialist there. That is how I came to the topic of sustainability in the last few years. At Ypsomed, you can develop in a specific direction if you are interested in something.  

How is life in Solothurn / Burgdorf?  

I like Burgdorf a lot, it is a nice small town and there is everything you need to live. With children, your circle of friends expands quickly. Before, I had more professional contact.   

Which three terms would you use to describe Ypsomed? 

Reliable employer, good development opportunities, great atmosphere 

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