How we recruit talent not only digitally

Ypsomed is on a steady growth path and has already been recognized as a very good employer along the way. Accordingly, we are constantly on the lookout for new talents who want to become part of our corporate culture. We also do this in a somewhat unconventional way – namely via postcard.

Employees at Ypsomed are given a great amount of trust and freedom in helping to shape our corporate culture. We also rely on our colleagues in the search for new talent: nowadays, talent is mostly recruited digitally – at Ypsomed, this is also possible via a personally sent postcard. Employees can simply pick up the postcard at the reception of our various company locations and then send it with a personal handwritten greeting to a person they see as suitable for a vacant position.

Many of us are familiar with digital recommendation: the message of a headhunter, for example via LinkedIn, or sharing a job posting via Facebook or email. The message in the newsfeed or in the mailbox can easily get lost among all the others. A greeting postcard from a friend in the mailbox, on the other hand, is much more personal and appealing. We hope that this will result in positive reactions from potential new colleagues – and thus even more success in filling our vacancies with suitable and motivated talent. Of course, our colleagues are rewarded for their placement activities with a placement bonus if they are hired.

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