At Ypsomed, career planning is flexible. In addition to the usual bottom-up development, you can also move sideways, expand your area of responsibility or try out new activities. This way, everyone can advance their career.

Moving sideways: "I am happy to pass on my knowledge"

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Janine Fuhrer, Business Process Specialist

Janine Fuhrer has been working at Ypsomed since November 2004 and knows the company inside out. She initially worked on a temporary basis until she took up a permanent position in Solothurn in August 2005. In the years that followed, she worked at all locations and in various departments. 

Janine covered for her colleague at the WEIS26 reception desk for two years and finally applied when this position became vacant in 2017. She then worked as a front desk agent in facility management in Solothurn for six years. In addition to the diverse experience she was able to gain, she attended the HSO business school in Solothurn for one and a half years in fall 2021 for further training. 

When Janine became aware of a vacancy for a Business Process Specialist, she applied internally and was successful: she has now been working in the Process Intelligence Services department since March 2023. Despite the short induction period, Janine is now familiar with the processes and is passing on her knowledge to the new team. 

I am very pleased to be able to contribute my many years of experience at Ypsomed to a new department and to take on new challenges.

Janine Fuhrer, Business Process Specialist 

Trying something new: «I’m looking for a new challenge – but not necessarily forever»

The management levels at Ypsomed
The management levels at Ypsomed.

During the six-month sabbatical of her supervisor, Krista took on the position of Head of Innovation & Business Development Diabetes Care. In this role, she was responsible for building up the newly established Innovation Department. Normally, as Manager Technology & Innovation, she heads up a four-person team in Diabetes Care which deals with tech scouting and concept development. And although Krista only had one month to familiarise herself, she quickly settled into her new role. She has greatly extended her skills and competencies by trying out a new activity. For example, the temporary position required strategic thinking and she learned to simply try out her ideas. Her successful work and a sense of achievement in the new role are due to her interest in really moving the department and employees forward. After six months, she finds it somewhat difficult to return to her old role, as she has not yet completed everything and there is still so much more to implement. But soon Krista’s maternity leave begins – and it is now her turn to hand over her place to one of her team members on a trial basis

In the beginning, I had respect for the fact that others know more than I do. But I quickly learned to try out my ideas nonetheless and to simply embark on interesting initiatives.

Krista, Manager Technology & Innovation

Taking on more complex tasks: «I would like to develop myself further and broaden my horizons»

Hasan, Head of Product Area Digital
Hasan, Head of Product Area Digital

Hasan leads a 65-strong team, most of whom are based in Barcelona. The team is responsible for the development of apps for Ypsomed’s Diabetes Care products. Previously, he led a team in the digital sector in Switzerland. When his supervisor approached him and asked if he wanted to take over the vacant position in Barcelona, Hasan was absolutely thrilled. After consulting with his family, who fully supported him, he accepted the challenge. Hasan had already been deployed around the world time and again in the past to launch products for Ypsomed. However, the expansion of his leadership tasks at an international level brought new challenges in terms of intercultural leadership as well as different labour laws and cultures. That said, Hasan sees only advantages in the development of his career, as it broadens his horizons and offers him new perspectives.

With this international leadership task, I have to act even more responsibly, communicate more mindfully and create a basis of trust so that we can work well together in the future.

Hasan, Head of Product Area Digital

Moving up: «I would like to take on leadership responsibility»

Kristin, Manager Regulatory Affairs
Kristin, Manager Regulatory Affairs

Ypsomed created a new management position for which Kristin applied internally. Before taking on this leadership position as Manager Regulatory Affairs in Diabetes Care in 2019, she had been working as Regulatory Affairs Manager at Ypsomed since 2010. After successfully mastering the application procedure and starting in her new position as team leader, she continued to develop her leadership skills. The Ypsomed «Leading for Future» programme extended her leadership skills. In addition, she was supported by an external coach and took advantage of a European mentoring programme for managers in regulatory affairs. Supported by Ypsomed, Kristin sharpened her focus on leadership and digital business transformation while studying for an Executive MBA in Business Engineering at the University of St. Gallen. Her objective is to firmly establish Ypsomed’s leadership in medical technology in a world full of changes.

My career at Ypsomed gives me a deep understanding of our activities and their uniqueness. Armed with the knowledge and tools from my studies, I can take a holistic approach to the future challenges facing Ypsomed. I am very grateful to be able to integrate these two areas.

Kristin, Manager Regulatory Affairs

Would you also like to be able to shape your career in different directions?