Annual leave

All Ypsomed employees are entitled to at least 26 days' leave per year. Depending on their position, age and working hours, some may even be entitled to more.

Annual working time, part-time work

We employ our employees on the basis of annualised hours work contracts. This allows for flexible working time models, depending on their position and their area of responsibility.


Flexible working, independent of time and location, has become an integral part of our culture at Ypsomed. Our FlexWork working model strives for an optimal balance between presence at the workplace and elsewhere (e.g. in the home office, on the road or in a co-working space), in other words between personal exchange on site and flexible, individual work scheduling. At Ypsomed, FlexWork therefore means that employees can work from anywhere and at any time within the legal framework. However, FlexWork at Ypsomed goes even further and also includes modern workplace design geared towards collaboration and working with state-of-the-art collaboration tools.


Ypsomed's mobility policy actively promotes the use of public transport. All of our company's sites are easily accessible by public transport. We use the proceeds from parking fees to fund public-transport vouchers for all of our employees.


Compensation is regularly analyzed internally and externally and adjusted as necessary. This includes participation in salary benchmarks as well as the review of salary equality between the sexes.

Ypsomed is a proud bearer of the fair-pay label ADVANCED, which confirms equal pay between men and women.

Supplementary social benefits

Ypsomed offers its employees the following social benefits and insurances:

Sickness benefits and accident insurance

Ypsomed has taken out supplemental insurance for its employees that ensures they receive medical care in at least a semi-private room in the case of an accident. The continued payment of wages in the case of illness or accident is guaranteed for a maximum of 24 months.

Maternity benefits

In their first year with the company, female employees are entitled to 14 weeks of maternity leave on 80% of their insured pay. From their second year with the company, female employees are entitled to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave on full pay.

Pension scheme

Ypsomed has its own company pension scheme. All annual salaries up to CHF 250,000 are insured. Ypsomed pays 55% of the savings contributions and the employees pay 45%. The employees can also take advantage of an optimised savings plan on request.

Long-service gifts

We place great emphasis on employee satisfaction and therefore also on continuity and long service. This is why loyalty to our company is rewarded with a long-service gift every five years.

These working conditions and benefits are the policy of Ypsomed AG in Switzerland. The employment conditions of our subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad may differ from the policies of Ypsomed AG.