The term "Corporate Governance" refers to all of the principles aimed at safeguarding shareholder interests. While maintaining decision-making capability and efficiency at the highest level of a company, these principles are intended to guarantee transparency and a healthy balance of management and control.

The Ypsomed Group's rules and regulations on Corporate Governance are defined in the Articles of Association, in the Organizational Policy of Ypsomed Holding AG and in the Code of Conduct of the Ypsomed Group and correspond to the Corporate Governance Directive of September 1, 2014, issued by the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Shareholder structure

There were 6 866 shareholders owning shares registered in the Share Register on 31 March 2018 (previous year: 4 281 shareholders). Of these shareholders, some 97 % report Switzerland as their place of residence. The distribution of shareholdings is as follows:

Registered shareholders

  Number of shareholders
as of 31 March 2018
Number of shareholders
as of 31 March 2017
1 – 100 3959 2474
101 – 1 000 2675 1603
1 001 – 10 000 201 169
10 001 – 100 000 27 28
more than 100 000 4 7
Total 6866 4281

Significant shareholders and significant shareholder Groups

The Michel family shareholder group, set up for the purposes of holding shares in family ownership, comprises Willy Michel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ypsomed Holding AG, who holds shares both directly and indirectly via the companies he controls, Techpharma Management AG and BV Holding AG, and his children Simon Michel, CEO of Ypsomed Holding AG and the Ypsomed Group, Serge Michel and Lavinia Camilla Nussio, who each hold shares directly. As at 31 March 2018, the “Michel family” shareholder group holds a combined total of 9 287 413 (previous year: 9 151 174) registered shares in Ypsomed Holding AG, which represents 73.4 % (previous year: 72.4 %) of all the shares in the company. There are no other known significant shareholders or significant shareholder groups. No shareholder agreements have been disclosed.

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Management Transactions

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