Ypsomed continuously expands its solution portfolio to include digital services that support patients in their self-medication and their therapy. With our solutions, we help to improve adherence to treatment as well as quality of life and also relieve the burden on the healthcare system.

Ypsomed receives Swiss Employer Award 2021


Ypsomed has received the Swiss Employer Award 2021 and was voted among the top seven. This award confirms our commitment to employee satisfaction, loyalty and identification with the company.

The success story of a life-saving hormone


In July 1921, Canadian researchers Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best achieved a revolutionary breakthrough: they succeeded in isolating insulin from dogs’ pancreas for the first time and were also able to demonstrate its blood glucose-lowering effect - thus laying the most important foundation stone for the effective treatment of diabetes mellitus. At last there was justified hope of saving the lives of children with diabetes, who until then had only survived an average of one to two years after diagnosis without any option of therapy.

Ypsomed acts sustainable towards the environment, partners and employees


Ypsomed is a value-based company and feels committed to society as a whole. That is why we take responsibility for the environmental, social and societal impact of our actions and strive for long term and sustainable development. And in doing so, we are open, fair and respectful towards customers, partners and employees – together we are taking the path to a sustainable future.

Digitalization in Barcelona

Digitalization of product portfolio


One of today’s mega trends in healthcare and MedTech is digitalization. Ypsomed is shaping this trend with creative concepts and new products under the umbrella brands Diabetes Care and Delivery Systems. The establishment of a new software development site in Barcelona is in full swing. This expansion strengthens our development of digital services in the area of app and cloud technologies, which are already proving important today and which will become even more important for us and our customers in the future.