Last week, the winners of the Ypsomed Innovation Award 2022 were honoured. The award, worth a total of CHF 100'000, is presented every two years by the Ypsomed Innovation Fund Foundation. With this award, we support the universities of applied sciences and universities in the Swiss midlands and contribute to making developments from research useful for society.

A message appears on Anna's smartphone; it's time for her next injection. The 19-year-old suffers from psoriasis and has to inject herself regularly with a medication. Anna is a little nervous, because the needle, the prick and the slight pain still make her feel uncomfortable. With the support of the app on her smartphone and her YpsoMate auto-injector, combined with the SmartPilot, she gets over herself, administers the injection that is due and is delighted when a treasure chest opens on the screen and golden light pours out. It shows her that she has done everything right.


Switzerland's energy supply is heavily dependent on foreign countries during the winter months. In addition, the prices for electricity have risen very sharply. To ensure that we at Ypsomed get through the winter without energy shortages, we have set up an Energy Task Force. Our goal is to be able to produce continuously and to identify and implement sustainable savings potential.

For some time now, Europe has been experiencing a shortage of qualified and well-trained workers. Specialists are in particular demand for MINT occupational fields (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology). To prevent this problem, we are increasingly training our specialists ourselves. Every year, around 20 apprentices complete their vocational training at Ypsomed and help to make self-treatment a matter of course. In addition, we fulfil our social responsibility as a company by providing training and offering attractive jobs.

How we work together for a prosperous future


An intercultural, international working environment is a key factor to success. Therefore we are keen to make progress in this field and secure our position as a strong competitor on the market. Olga Rosa (Head of HR Management & Services) and Rafael Navajo (Head of Software Delivery Center Barcelona) have both been working in this kind of environment for a long time. They share their experiences and talk about different cultures, mindsets and working remotely.