This page informs you how we use cookies on the Ypsomed website. This document is part of our Data Protection Declaration.

What are cookies?

For our website to function properly, we sometimes install small files - so-called cookies - on your terminal. Cookies are small text files which are temporarily or permanently stored on your hard drive. Our web portal leaves cookies on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our website. The portal therefore recognizes entries and settings made over a certain period of time (e.g. language, font size and other display preferences or an already confirmed login) and you do not have to repeat them every time you visit or even when you navigate through our pages. 

Cookies also serve to adapt the offer on our website better to your interests or to generally improve the offer on the basis of statistical analyses.

Which cookies do we use?

Name Type Source Intended purpose Duration of storage

This cookie serves as an identifier for the duration of your visit to our website.

FE_USER_AUTH Technical

It stores the login information when you access an area of our website which is protected by a login.

5 hours
cookieconsent_status Technical

It stores the status of your consent for setting cookies on the current domain.

ewafutano Analytical Evalanche

Tracking (anonymous history)

24 months

_ga Analytical Google

This assigns a randomly generated number to the visitor's device. This is used to detect when our website is accessed again via this device.

2 years
_utma Analytical Google

This analyses how often a visitor accesses our website via this device.

2 years
_utmb Analytical Google This sets a time stamp as soon as a visitor calls up the Internet page. 30 minutes
_utmc Analytical Google This sets a time stamp as soon as a visitor leaves the Internet page. Session
_utmt Analytical Google This diminishes the "Request Rate" 10 minutes
_utmz Analytical Google This analyses where you come from to our website (campaign link, website, etc.) 6 months


The Privacy Preference Center shows you a list of the cookies we use on the Websites. If you wish to restrict, to block or opt-out of the use of cookies, you must indicate your preferences via the Privacy Preference Center shown on the Website’s cookie banner and the footer of our websites.

Third Party Cookies

Visitors to Ypsomed’s Websites may have cookies placed in their browsers by a third party that is not Ypsomed. For example, such third party cookies may be placed if Ypsomed embeds photos and video content from other websites such as YouTube. Personal information collected through such cookies will only be collected and used by the third party for their own purposes and will not be available to Ypsomed.

Newsletter provider Evalanche

Evalanche (SC-Networks GmbH, Enzianstrasse 2, Starnberg, Germany) is our provider for e-mail marketing, marketing automation and lead management.

With the newsletter, Evalanche places cookies for anonymous statistical surveys and for the development of meaningful interest profiles, provided you agree in advance to the use of your data for that purpose.. The statistical evaluation is performed by using hashing. This precludes the assignment of the information collected (tracking information and cookies) to a specific visitor. The data obtained can only be used for quantitative statistical analyses.

Use of various Google services

On our Internet site we employ various Google services of Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA („Google“).

Google stores cookies on your terminal when you use Google services via your Internet browser. Google uses servers in the United States for this purpose.

Google reCaptcha

We use “Google reCAPTCHA” (referred to in the following as “reCAPTCHA”) on our Internet website. With reCAPTCHA we check whether certain entries in our contact or newsletter forms are made by a real person or a computer. With reCaptcha we counter multiple registrations through machines on visitor accounts and newsletters. reCAPTCHA currently offers the best protection against such attacks (bot attacks).  

reCAPTCHA analyzes your interactions as soon as you access the website according to the following criteria:

  • IP address of the terminal device used
  • the date and duration of your stay on the website
  • the mouse movements you have made on the reCAPTCHA interfaces as well as the tasks where you have to identify images
  • the identification data of the browser and the type of operating system used
  • the Google account, if you are logged in via Google

The data collected during the analysis are forwarded to Google. According to the claims by Google, Google does not use the information collected by reCAPTCHA for personalized advertising.

Google Maps

We also use the services of Google Maps on our website. This enables us to display an interactive map of our location directly on the website and provides you with convenient use of the map function.

As soon as you click on our address in the navigation of the map embedded on our website, Google Maps opens a new tab. Please note that you are bound to the Additional user conditions for Google Maps/Google Earth including the Google Privacy Policy as soon as you use Google Maps.

Analytical tools and online marketing

If you allow cookies to be placed on our website for marketing purposes, We use state-of-the-art analytical methods and tools on our website to understand visitor behaviour on our website. This information helps us to continuously develop our online offering and to highlight attractive, relevant information. For this purpose we only receive and use data that are anonymised and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the visitors.

The analysis and remarketing tools and functions we use are third-party services. On our behalf, they collect data on the use of our website by visitors and process these statistically. The insights gained allow us to offer visitors to other services on the Internet (such as Google or Facebook) targeted, relevant information and advertising. The tools and functions we use belong to Google Analytics, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Google DoubleClick as well as Facebook Pixel.

Offers by Google

For more information, please refer to the description of each Google service as well as on Google Privacy Policy

Google Analytics with anonymization function

Google Analytics is an analytical tool that statistically processes data about the use of our website by visitors. This sends information about page views and visitor actions (e.g., length of visit, sequence and URL of visits and page views, the page from which the visitor came, and information about the device used, operating system, browser and preferences, and approximate location) to Google's servers. It uses cookies and similar means, e.g. so-called tracking pixels, to recognize users by using anonymous features, such as random identification numbers, and to assign visits to them across different devices and sessions. IP addresses are shortened by the additional code "anonymizeIP" on our website and thus automatically anonymized before they are transmitted to Google.

For more details, see Google's Data protection documentation.

You can deactivate Google Analytics for your browser by means of a Add-on.

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager. This service is used for the flexible integration of "tags", which transmit the desired analysed data to Google Analytics using code references. It captures the IP address of incoming http requests and stores this for a short time to correct errors during integration. Tag Manager does not collect or access any personal information. The data is always anonymous.